Thursday, April 12, 2007

The signs of Aging

The signs of Aging, when do we finally succumb to them, when do we stop thinking we look like this person or that person? When do we finally realize, WE ARE OLD? I'll tell you when. WHEN WE, THINKING HOW FUN THIS WILL BE BE, BUY OURSELVES A STUPID DIGITAL CAMERA FOR OUR BIRTHDAY! What was I thinking, did I not know how bad it had gotten or was I in denial? Baggy eyes, blothy skin, double, triple chin, thinning hair? Who is this old lady that I keep taking pictures of. Surley not me. Aging is a scary thing. Emotionally and physically. I moan when I step oput of bed in the morning. Not for need of coffee, but because I get this terrible pain in the heel og my Left foot. I dread the cold (I get stiff) hate the heat( hard to breathe) I can clearly remember not too long ago never feeling any of the affects of age. They say there is hope for me, it's not too late to turn it around. Tomorrow I'll give it a try. (If it's not too cold.)

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