Thursday, January 3, 2008

Wedding Vent

23 days! Wow, people keep asking if I am nervous. Not really, just excited. All of our plans are slowly coming together. I finally got around to making a to do list, now if I could just find the list it would be great. Christmas was good. I really felt the void not being with all of my children, but I understand how important it was for Larry to be with his family. I guess they spend every other Christmas together so next year will be different. Larry and I are both going to have to make compromises and just start our own traditions. I also need to realise that the older the kids get the harder it will be to spend Christmas with them. Larry and I are great. I love him more and more each day. I cant wait to be Mrs. Kratochvil. Everything with him just feels right. I will probably be able to blog more after the wedding. My brain is pretty preoccupied with oraganza and bows etc......

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