Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I'm tired. Kassadee says I look puffy. Just what every middleaged woman wants to hear. That they Look 'PUFFY' not in the rapper that can't decide on a name sense, but in the "you look like you havent slept for days there for your eyes have these huge sagging bags under them sense!" I have to admit that I have been very busy lately. I spend alot of time doing volunteer work at church and the summer tends to be the busiest. I love what i do at the church though. I will admit that the Teen Yard Sale this weekend feels more like hard work than fun but the proceeds will make a huge difference in the teens ministry, so there i'll be, sunburned and smiling lovin watchin the kids do their thing. Other than alot of church activities, i havent done much but work. I did go out to the movies with Larry last Friday. I had a good time. He is so easy to be around. We saw Evan Almighty. It was a good movie. We went bowling with the teens on Sunday night, that was a good time. Larry bowls about as good as I do. Which is bad! It was fun to laugh and have a good time with him. Cathy and Ramona will be thrilled!

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