Sunday, July 29, 2007

Status Change

So I'm at Larry's house and I see that he has changed his relationship status on his Facebook page to "IN A RELATIONSHIP". wow. That makes me "IN A RELATIONSHIP" WOW. I am soooo ok with this. I can't wait for all the people I love to meet him. He's Great, now the fact that he calls himself The Great One, has nothing to do with me saying that, as a matter of fact, I dont want him to know I said he was great because it will go straight to his head. So let me change that, he is extremely acceptable. He's smart, and funny, and he gets me which in itself is amazing. Whats a girl to do, i'll tell you. I'm going to enjoy every minute of every minute I get to spend with him. I'm going to keep being happy, and keep trying to make him happy and drive all the miserable people who think all our happiness in annoying MAD! I might even get him to kiss me one day.

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