Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Life Changes quickly, Just three weeks ago the kids and I were in the midst of summer. Enjoying lazy days and warm summer nights. We were involved with church and youth group activites, getting BBQ burns and shopping for school clothes........ Well in a matter of weeks that has turned into rushed mornings, homework, ROTC activities, football games etc..... My girls are Marines! WOW, Lonnje seems more excited about it than KiKi, she goes on and on about Gunner this and Epps that. I am happy for her. Kassadee has embraced the French language, she is just as at home with her Au Revoir, and Bon Saus as she is with Good bye and Good Afternoon. I am still in Love, I guess I should establish that I will stay in love forever, thats my plan. I love my time with Larry. His arms are my new comfy sweater. In his arms is where I am most content. Looking at his face is my favorite pastime. His lips are my new candy. I adore him. So other than Love and homework there is not much to say. We are happily trudging along. Garrett too. Oh yeah, My dad is coming next week. I know he'll love Larry too.

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