Friday, August 31, 2007

Trying to Blog More

Larry informed me it was 20 days between postings. Apparently that is toooo long. I am going to try to post more. I think he just likes to read all the nice things I say about him when I blog. Maybe he could reciprocate! We had a great conversation last night. There are so many things to discuss when you are seeing a future in your relationship. Being on the same page or understanding what page your partner is on is sooo important. Some of the things I ask about are a little uncomfortable for Larry, but he graceiously conversates with me. Loving me throught it all. He does'nt ask the same questions of me. I'm not sure if he jsut does'nt think about it or if I just ask first and cover all the bases. My big fear is that when he does start asking questions of me I won't have all the answers. I know i'll have answers, but right answers???? I am really excited about the direction this relationship is going. Larry is my forever!

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The Great One said...

Ya, you usually just ask them before I can. You don't always have to have an answer, just as long as you tell me you don't know. Love ya babe.