Wednesday, January 3, 2007


I had an interesting 2006 and I hope to have a great 2007. I don't make resolutions but I do have in mind a few things I would like to accomplish in the next twelve months. In a few weeks my life will change dramatically, my oldest child and only son Garrett will be moving to California to work with my father and brother. He was raised there until he was twelve so he knows where he is going, I'm just not sure he knows who he is. He is a great kid with a strong since of justice. He definately wants the scales in his life balanced. I hope that my father will teach him the best he has to offer. Garrett also still requires encouragement and guidance, I know he needs to learn to be a man, but he will always be my son. I know how the motivate him and comfort him, it will be interesting to see how my father does in taking over this role. he is such a wise man and I am greatful for the energy he wants to give to his Grandson. Garrett can only learn and grow and benefit from this experience. Lets just hope Mom survives.

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Cheesehead said...

Hi Sista!!! He will go to California your son and come back a man. They grow up. I just haven't totally decided if that's fortunate or unfortunate. Either way, we don't have much of a choice. Easy to say "don't worry" but you're a mom, so you will anyway. It's what we do! By the way... I did get your message on Friday but I was tied up in meetings until late in the day. I spent the afternoon at urgent care with Al yesterday... nothing to worry about. And I had my follow up to the echo and they want me to see a pulmonologist now. I had my sleep study done as well, so I guess the timing is right. We're also in process of finding a way around the insurance issue so I can have my surgery. Christmas was a bummer this year so I didn't call anybody and nobody called me. I was going through an "I hate the materialistic commercialism Christmas has become" thing and just wanted to remember the true meaning of the holiday. And... I miss having little kids around me at Christmas. I think I would have headed for Kansas if we could have swung it financially. Oh well, we'll see how things look around Easter. I love you!