Thursday, January 4, 2007

Love My Ladies

I love my Ladies, by this I mean the group of women in my life that lift me up. Most of them are from my church, but I have the "others" as well. How important it is for us as women to surround each other, form a circle, and love and support each other. Last night at my Womens bible study one of my ladies put it best. She described the scene at her lake the other night. What caught her eye was a huge beautiful Eagle soaring around her lake, he was swooping and diving for fish or other nourishment, just a beautiful sight. All of this changed suddenly as he went toward some Geese that were on the lake, the beautiful bird turned into an attacking predator. He was diving at and attcking the Geese with his powerful talons. Up and down he went, why she did'nt know as they are not normally enemies. The Geese did the most amazing thing. They formed a circle, a tight circle, with necks to the center and turned down. A circle of protection, guarding each other, so close that the Eagle could not penetrate them. After a few minutes of evaluation he decided to move on and when the Geese sensed his departure, they went their separate ways. How wonderful would it be if we responded to the attacks in our lives the same way. If when we or one of our Ladies were in trouble, we formed a tight circle of protection. Arms around each other until the danger passed. Keeping one another safe or at the least protected from what ever predator is seeking to harm them. I am going to try, in 2007, to be part of a circle of protection for the women in my life. To let them know I will always have arms to wrap around them, a prayer to send up for them, an ear or a hug, protecting them until the danger passes.

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